Post Tension Company in Dubai & UAE

NDTS LLC is a reliable provider of expert post tension concrete scanning for various construction and building projects. Ensure the structural integrity of any building or infrastructure by enlisting the expertise and experience of the NDTS team.

Post tension cable locators and structural analysis

We have a team of highly skilled and qualified post-tension experts who perform thorough scanning, detection, and inspection of the following:

  • Post-tension cables in the slab using HILDTI PS 1000 X scan radar detection systems
  • Live wires, cables, and different objects and materials in concrete structures (e.g., plastics, metals, and filling materials)
  • Public infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, and buildings

What our company brings to clients in Dubai, the UAE and throughout GCC

Here at NDTS, we understand the significant role of post-tension scanning in any construction project, which is why we ensure no step is missed or overlooked. We pour in the time and effort needed to ensure the integrity, sturdiness and long-term resilience of each and every structure we are working on. Our company uses highly advanced and top-grade concrete scanning and detection equipment to help improve the precision and efficiency of the work we do.

Aside from these, our professional on-site team is made up of experts and staff that work hard to meet every project and client requirement on time and according to strict industry standards and specifications. Our company is also a leading provider of concrete strengthening solutions using epoxy injection and chemicals, such as rebarring and/or dowelling.

Let our experts know what you need

If you have any inquiry or you would like to get a quotation of our services, kindly send us a message through or use our online contact form. You may also reach us through the following numbers: +971 04 266 4533, 052 465 7004, or 050 585 8910.