Diamond Coring and Drilling in Dubai & UAE

One of the leading core drilling companies in Dubai, NDTS LLC provides a comprehensive range of diamond core drilling services for small, medium, and large-scale construction projects across the UAE and GCC region.

No matter the type, scope, and complexity of coring works you require, NDTS is fully equipped and capable to get the job done with superior efficiency, speed, and quality results. With our expertise, we can help you ensure on-time completion of any construction project, while avoiding the need for extra manpower and costs.

Our concrete coring company specializes in the following diamond coring works:

  • Diamond-coring for service entries
  • Diamond-coring for manholes (between 12mm to 600 mm in diameter and 10cm to 10m in length)
  • Deep core drilling for structural anchors (up to 10 meters)
  • Diamond drilling to make penetrations for ducts, pipes and cables using diamond-coring tools
  • Diamond-core drilling in ceilings, walls, and floors without hammering or vibration
  • Overhead-coring for anchor installations
  • Dry coring for renovation sites, hotels, and malls
  • Diamond-coring for anchors and rebar fixing works

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As part of our commitment to deliver excellent results, regardless of the project and client, we make sure our team uses the most advanced high-grade coring machine. Using modern and reliable equipment enables our company to deliver a high level quality of work and result, as well as maximize coverage and productivity to meet tight deadlines.

Whether you need a diamond core drill for concrete ceilings and walls, or for manholes and service entries, we can meet your every construction and/or industrial requirement.

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Should you require more information about our company and services, please do not hesitate to give us a call at +971 04 266 4533. You may also send your inquiry and request for quotation to or via our online form.

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